Ask to recover previous version

Hi support experts,
for unknown reason, app crashes and I lost all page configuration.
How to ask to get previous version, like for example yesterday version ?
Thanks for your reply

Are you able to reproduce this behavior?

I’ve lost tab configurations too often to keep count: at the tab/page level, when you switch the layout (list, checklist, card, tile, calendar, details/custom), especially from a details layout to anything else, you lose your layout. Now before switching, I will duplicate the tab just in case.

As for your issue, maybe Glide support can do something for you.

Hi nathanaelb, thanks for your reply, but “Glide support” seems not available for “Personal Apps”,

so “Support link URL” field cannot be filled in in the Glide support request form

@Jean-Philippe is no longer in use. For support help, please visit
Support Hub • Glide / Support

@iamtomgray It looks like that KB link came directly from the support form . Does that need to be updated?

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Thanks, @Jeff_Hager. cc @SantiagoPerez

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