As business owners, what is your costing model


Rookie question, ive been reading a few posts and topics and wondering what is the best way to use Glide to generate additional revenue.

My thoughts / questions include:

  1. ideally i wouldn’t want to openly share with the client what technology we use so that we can retain the future enhancement of a PWA automation of a business process
  2. in software development, the source code ownerhip plays a big role in the cost model presented to the client: ie, SAAS at a monthly sub; or pay outright for the development of the app and ownership of the sourcecode.
  3. what is the most common way Gliders charge their apps - i am aiming at a volume based SAAS model - hoping this is the way to go?
  4. alternatively i noticed the glide experts program - is that a time material based revenue source?
  5. my main skillset is digital transformation and automation of business processes with supporting KPI dashboards - helping smaller companies gain control of business critical processes. would you say glide is a good technology fit? (keen to hear some thoughts on this)


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This post is old now, some points are probably outdated, but maybe still worth a read

How to monetize Glide

Regarding your point 1., I do the opposite. I wish to put Glide forward and I’m transparent about the tools I use. In my view, getting paid because you know about Glide and the client doesn’t is not where the value creation is.