Arrayformula fill fluctuation - constant recalculation

Hi everyone,

I have an array formula that for some reason keeps emptying the cells below it and then filling again, even when no changes were made (see column E). This is problematic as I use the TRUE/FALSE as a criteria to copy information into a new tab hence this copied data set also fluctuates.

Has anyone come across this before?

*I should mention I that I am using iterative calculations which I feel may be playing a part in the issue

Thanks in advance!

Hi Ed, it’s me again, as you have posted a new thread I will reply here.

How would it work if you change the iterative calculation settings to recalculate only 1 time?

Hey Thinh. Thanks.

Good idea but I just tried this and it still shows the same issue.

I don’t suppose there is a way to make column D without a circular reference? Therefore no iterative calculation would be required

SOLVED - using an in-glide if, then, else formula. This doesn’t fluctuate :slight_smile:


The enhanced If > Then > Else really changed the game!

Yeah it’s super good!

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