Are they working on Rollup for Big Tables?

It’s really, really missing
This is all the power to use Big Tables



so much
We waited for Big Tables
And currently in most projects I Need To use Big Tables and Rollup
Is there an estimated time when it will arrive?
The answer will help me a lot in planning my projects

We plan to deliver Big Table rollups by mid-May this year.


Thank you very much, it helped me a lot

Sorry, another very important question
Will it be possible to convert a standard table to Big Tables?
Because now we work in a standard table because we need the rollup
Will there be such an option?

There is an option to export a Glide Table and Import as a Big Table

Yes, but it doesn’t seem like it should be done
About a project that works and is already full of data and relations

Yep, I agree. Maybe they are working on how to convert a Glide Table to a Big Table. My suspicion is that it wont happen until a lot of the computed columns work in Big Tables because even if they had the option to convert today, you’d still lose a bunch of computed columns due to incompatibility

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