Are these AI features around the corner?

Want these!

See blog David:

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I was wondering who’d be the first to catch that… :wink:

A few of those are already available in preview. Check Integrations → Glide AI.

Here’s a screen grab from the data editor:

Screenshot 2023-07-20 at 2.52.50 PM

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Yeah, use it already but I want specifically ‘Web page to text’ and ‘Ask the web’ :slight_smile:
Now I do this in ChatGPT with plugins, then copy, then paste in Glide. This would be great for me.


Are Web page to text / Ask the web around the corner or are they just fictional options?

In the glide-announcements channel of Slack, you can reply to get access to Glide AI Alpha.

Ah ok, unfortunately i have not been added to that channel.

Seems like you had it, hope we get access soon.

Hope so too!