Are app published to App Stores?


I don’t clearly understand how the apps become available on play store for android for exemple.
Is it automatic ? On which plateform costumer can find the product ?


The url for the app is the app. These are PWA’s (Progressive Web Apps), which are installable as apps through Chrome on Android or Safari on IOS. They run on top of the browser as the underlying engine… Glide does not submit the app to any native app store, like Google Play or Apple App Store. Some people have used third party services to deploy Glide apps to app stores with varying degrees of success. There is a lot of conversation about it in the forum.

But as far as using Glide apps as they are intended to be used, all you have to do is share the URL and a user can immediately start using the app. If they are using the correct combination of browser and operating system, then they will be prompted to install the app onto their homescreen.