Apps only showing 2 tabs

Made different apps and they all only show 2 tabs. This is the one Im working on now. Is there an update delay. or limit on free apps
My app’s URL:

May I see a screenshot of your tab configuration page in Glide?

Click on the + icon (top right corner) and you should be able to add any other tab existing in your sheet, or create a duplicate tab from the ones displayed in the editor.

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i know i can do that but i dont understand why all of the components and tabs arent populating. only 2. even on add to list screens

@jesschrist your app only has two tabs configured, so it’s showing just two. If you add a third, you will see a third. I’m sorry but I don’t understand what problem you’re stuck on.

Maybe you can make a video, showing what the issue is, and explaining it?

usually all of the tabs populate, i thought something was wrong. didnt know i had to add manually no.
but thanks for the quick reply

When creating a brand new app, it will build a tab for each sheet. After that you need to add the tabs manually.