Applying "Row Owner" to Array columns in Glide Pages?

I am trying to follow some of the tutorials where it shows the possibility of assigning an array column as a “Row Owner”. However, trying to do that, it doesn’t seem like within Glide Pages this is possible at the moment.

I basically need to provide access to a team project to all team members + additional members from a sponsoring organization. Therefore, ideally, I would want to create an array column with emails perhaps and then use the Row Owner feature.


How are you creating the array? The only way it would work is if you create an array column in a google sheet.

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I am not linking Glide Pages with Google sheet. Yes, I’ve read somewhere that Array works only with Google sheet and was wondering if there a workaround/solution for doing this with the internal Glide DB.


The short answer is no you can’t. For it to work with glide tables, all data would have to be downloaded to a user’s device before the array can be computed. At that point you have already circumvented the whole point of row owners, which is to prevent unowned data from being downloaded to a user’s device in the first place. Building an array in Google sheet is different because that is built directly in the data as opposed to being built by a computed glide column. All non-basic computed columns are calculated on a user’s device after the data has been downloaded. Those computations do not happen on the glide server, so you can’t use a computed array column for row owners because it would not be known which user owns which rows until all data is already sent to the user.


I see. Thanks a lot for explaining that @Jeff_Hager
So should I guess based on what you’ve mentioned, I should really look into using Google sheet instead of the internal DB?

Filtering is an option, but it’s much less secure than row owners. Since you mentioned members from outside organizations, I’m guessing data security is important to you, so row owners would be a better option.

Now it all depends on how many users you would want to grant row ownership to. If it’s only a few users, then it might be easier. Glide does allow you to set row owners on multiple columns. So, say you have 5 users that should have access, then you can have 5 columns to hold emails and you can set row owners on each one.

Another option is Roles. If you have a Private Pro plan, then you have the option of setting a Role column in the user profile table. Then you can assign a role to each user, and in your data, you can have a role column that is set as a row owner column, and all users with that same role will have access. This is an easier way to set row owner access to multiple users. But, again, this is only for a Private Pro plan.

If none of those options would work for your, then yes, I believe the only option would be to recreate your page with an attached Google sheet, so you can create an array column using the sequentially numbered column method.


Great. Thanks a lot for laying the options. I might test the “Role” option to see if that could be of use.

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