Apply setting to multiple components / component groups

Firstly, thanks for a fantastic project!

I’m currently trying to build an attendance recording app, which is a slight variation / extension to the Attendance Tracker example, in that attendance is recorded via multiple choice (present, absent, excused) rather than the binary yes/no.
Currently I’m building it out for approx 50 participants over 3 sheets, and adding the 50 components + editing the settings for each of them to make them multiple choice is rather cumbersome.

As far as I can see there is no way I can apply some setting to a group of components in one go?
It would certainly make my life easier, and I would imagine there would be other uses for such a feature.

Actually, thinking further about it, what would be super nice would be if the data validation was read from the google sheet and automatically generated the component with the choice and options sheet/columns accordingly

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Topic appears dormant and likely filled with current builder functionality, archived.