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Hi !
I’ve made a Covid app wich is a directory of all the shops from my city. They can register themselves and have a page on it.
It’s working great and we have a lot if users and shops but since one or two weeks, the number of user is staying the same while shops are growing. I could understand if it would decline since the number is based on the 30 last days but it’s just the same, 5018, since 10 days.
Have you idea ?
Thanks !

You have over 5k users? Congrats man. That’s a lot considering you didn’t advertise for it. If you are still trying to grow your audience look at putting it on free sites like facebook, craigslist, etc.

Thank you ! Well we had some ad because the app has been shared by some local blogs.
My issue is not getting more users but knowing why the number doesn’t change (even decreasing) while it seems we have shops on.

Its a running 30 days, some people might of stopped using it. You gotta remember keeping people engaged in a app is hard. If you are in the US we have almost every company on the web and with their own app delivering.

That’s odd that the number doesn’t at least change a little bit every day. How long has your app been in use?
It’s my understanding that the count is driven by Google Analytics so I wonder if Glide isn’t getting an updated count from google for some reason.

Is this a pro app? If so, you can connect your own Google Analytics account to get more statistics about app use.

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@florian_belouet Hi :raising_hand_man: and welcome to the community

Just to add to what has been mentioned above

There are a number of posts on the forum relating to this subject as I had a similar question when first starting out with Glide I found them helpful.

Here you go.

Well done on the app, keep up the good work.