Number of users displayed

Do you know if the information about “nb of users” displayed for each app is reliable ?
This is based on what ?
Thanks !!
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I see this is a pro app. Have you connected your app to Google Analytics? How does the number displayed in the dashboard compare to the numbers you are seeing in GA?

Yes I did connect to GA but

  1. It does not match glideapp info. Number of visitors per day in GA (cumulated) vs nb of installations in glideapp?
  2. GA is bugging these last days and I can’t follow correctly my statistics (due to to the web+app followup?)

There are several posts regarding this. Here is some more info.

Hello Nathanael!

I live in Portugal, and it’s difficult to understand certain things because of the language, even though I can read and write a little.

I’ve just created my application to boost my business and I’ve tested it with only 3 people I trust. They really liked the idea, but when I tried to send it to more people, I never thought the number would be so low. I’m using the FREE mode, but I’d like to send the link to 700 customers. I believe sales would increase due to the attractiveness of the application.

But I need to test it first to get feedback. Otherwise, it’ll be a waste of money.

I got this message: ‘You reached your plan’s limit for published apps. Please upgrade or unpublish another app first’. I know I did several tests in the beginning with the templates, could that be why?

How can I send it to the 700 or more people who might be interested in the application? I understand that by sending the link, some people may share it, which is great, but what will happen with the others? Is there a way for more people to still see it?

It’s the first time I’ve made an application, and I’m excited about the capabilities that something so small can have. I need to try my luck with something that could be different in the Portuguese market.

Is it possible to have a Zoom call with me?

Best regards,
Ricardo Alves

The message has nothing to do with the number of users that can sign into your app. This message means you tried to publish a second app and you already have an app that’s published. The Free plan only allows for one published app at a time.

Regarding users, I recommend looking over the different plans on the pricing page to see what they offer. The Free plan only allows for 10 personal users. The Maker plan allows for unlimited personal users. The Team and Business plans start off with 20 included personal or business users with additional per user pricing after that.

If users will not be signing into your app, then you can have unlimited users on any plan.


Hello Ricardo,

Jeff’s answer above should answer your question.

Note his important remark at the end:

  • A user is someone who signs into the app with an email address and users have restrictions depending on the plan.

  • A visitor is someone who visits your app and does not sign in, as on a public website that doesn’t require signing in. Visitors are unlimited on all plans.

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Hello nathanaelb, linked to this particular topic, I don’t understand why if the free plan says that we have 10 private users to use, it only lets me use 3.
How should I configure it? Thank you

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@Nicolas_Lahitte sounds like you might be on an old legacy plan.


Hello Nathanael!

So the only way to have no limit for now is "No sign-in (users do not have their own profiles), right? Required sign-in or optional sign-in even in public, will always be limited, correct? The only way to have no limit and be able to have privacy is with the Maker plan, right?

Nathanael Boy via Glide Community <> escreveu (quinta, 29/02/2024 à(s) 23:57):

Either people don’t sign in so they don’t count as users, or you use the Maker plan, which allows unlimited personal users.

Definition of personal users: “Personal users are users who sign into a Glide app using a consumer email domain, such as Gmail, or an education email domain, such as .edu.”