App to make public or template

I, with community help, made a free public app It is simple but ok for users. What I wish to understand is
Whether I need to make it a log-in option and what are its benefits.
I have uploaded a youtube video about it and what if I make it a template? How users will be affected if it becomes a template?
I have seen some glide apps on social media that show ads on the login page. How they have done it.?
what are the disadvantages of a public glide app.?
I seek clarifications about the above

The benefit of having a login option is to provide a personalized experience in your app. If your app needs to have a user profile or if certain functionality depends on knowing who the signed-in user is, then you’ll want to force users to sign in.

Considerations in making this app a template after the fact is that you’ll want to make sure you clear out any user data that was populated prior to submitting the app to become a template.

Other than that, the only other disadvantage is that a forced sign in screen offers friction prior to your end users using the app.