App Template is not matching with the App

@Mark I have submitted a App Template to the Store and thank you for the approval.

However, it is not matching with the data what I have submitted. I am not really sure why. Can someone please help to explain?

My App View:

Template View:

It is showing details of only few directors and not all.

Thank you in advance.

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1st of all, congrats!

You are right. Very strange. One of the inline lists is behaving erratically. You can always resubmit.

Have a quick word with support team. They will fix it in no time.

Thank you

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I figured this earlier submission and found this issue, hence resubmitted again yesterday. But it is not resolved.

The problem is not only inline list but entire App is not showing details of other directors. It was working properly on my first submission. This has happened with my recent submission only.

Thank you, I will talk to Support.