App performance is choppy on Android

Hello, anyone else noticed a very bad laggy and choppy performance on android? I only notice it on android devices, on iOS they are very smooth… I tried it on many android phones and they still have a bad performance. Any help?


On my android tablet my app constantly freezes. Hopefully this is fixed

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Please share a link to your app, and which device it’s slow on. Every Glide app and every Android device has difference performance characteristics.

Thanks David, my application url is

I have tried it on a Samsung S8 Plus, and an S10 Lite, they run fine but there are a lot of frame drops and a laggy ui… however on my IPhone XS Max they run very smooth.

My employees with android smartphones (Samsung A51) say they notice slowdowns when add a new record, while they write in entry text field mostly.

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Yes yes yes! It’s so laggy when typing in text fields!

Yes, mine is laggy too on various devices