App No Longer Writing To Sheet

Running into a really strange bug. My app and sheets were operating normally, but all of a sudden my app stopped writing data into my sheet (ie on form submit).

First thought it was the issue of populating data in empty cells at the bottom, but all of my sheets have empty rows removed.

Also resolved any sheet permissions issues - I’m able to create a new app with my sheet no problem.

In addition, all changes I make to my sheet populate correctly in my app. My app is just unable to write back to my sheet.

Scratching my head here, any thoughts?

Could you share your app, please?

Yep sorry, here’s the link:

This is a problem on our end. We’ll fix it. Thank you for reporting!

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All your data should have been written now. The issue might come back today, but should be completely resolved by the end of the day.

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Thanks so much for the quick resolution, Mark!

Just wanted to make sure I was configuring everything correctly :slight_smile:

Let me know how I can be helpful with troubleshooting. Happy to help.