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Can Someone Please help me i Created a dating app and everytime a person like or matches with another user i had to make it generate a new row on my match table in order to let me app acknowledge the fact that they matched. The problem is so many users are matching that it put me over my row count limit in days and now no one can even get onto the app. What Should I do?
Thank you!

You should use row owners or roles so that users only download their own matches.

What plan are you on?

Hi David,

How are you.i have a question for you.

Is someone can create a dating app in glide,why should I use this platform for e commerce like? Without payment and delivery options.

@Manikandan_R I don’t understand your question.

Glide should not be used for creating dating apps–Glide is for business use. We plan to remove the dating app templates from the store.

Can we say Glide is mainly used for building business apps and it can be used to make a fully functional MVP / Prototype for your business idea?

I think instead of deleting Dating App Templates, we can create another category in the template store for MVPs or Prototypes and include apps like dating apps / Uber in there ?

I’m asking,if I’m having 25 number of products to show people to get it from stores,can I do that in glide.

I’m not delivering the product and getting any payment in the app.

In that sense can I use glide.

i’m sort of confused. Why can’t i use glide for my dating app which is my business im creating. Should i not be using glide for this then?

Should i not be using to glide as the creator for my dating app. wouldve been nice to know before i already built the whole thing but i need to know asap so i can restart elsewhere if i need to.
thank you

I recommend not using Glide for dating apps.

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