App Glide + Mysql πŸ”₯

Hello, I found the way to make a Glide application, totally with data obtained from a Mysql database.
I wanted to know if any of you are working on something similar to share experiences.
The use case is an application that sends orders by WhatsApp for a company that has a wholesale distribution of food, with 10 sellers and about 250 orders per day, we will have prices updated in real time. (Argentina, changes the prices of products almost weekly)
In a second stage we will visualize the current accounts, which are integrated into the app-
And the improvement in the future is to be able to work with the stock in real time.
It opens up a lot of opportunities to be able to work with most of the management systems and platforms.

Cheers, Dario


I have worked on a warehouse management system for a company whose core ERP is SAP.
Their complete data lives on MySQL
I am pulling that data using a JDBC connection into a spreadsheet and then using a GlideApp for warehouse management.


That would be a great contribution … how do you connect to Mysql? Could you explain this a little more :slight_smile:

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Check out this add on,your%20spreadsheet%20to%20pull%20data.


Hi, good day. and how many times a day do you refresh the data?

Hello @Carlos_Venegas , in this case I do it with this tool.
For another client I have to migrate to google scripts.


Muito interessante vou me aprofundar mais sobre este tΓ³pico obrigado pela ideia!

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