App Glide + Mysql 🔥

Hello, I found the way to make a Glide application, totally with data obtained from a Mysql database.
I wanted to know if any of you are working on something similar to share experiences.
The use case is an application that sends orders by WhatsApp for a company that has a wholesale distribution of food, with 10 sellers and about 250 orders per day, we will have prices updated in real time. (Argentina, changes the prices of products almost weekly)
In a second stage we will visualize the current accounts, which are integrated into the app-
And the improvement in the future is to be able to work with the stock in real time.
It opens up a lot of opportunities to be able to work with most of the management systems and platforms.

Cheers, Dario


I have worked on a warehouse management system for a company whose core ERP is SAP.
Their complete data lives on MySQL
I am pulling that data using a JDBC connection into a spreadsheet and then using a GlideApp for warehouse management.


That would be a great contribution … how do you connect to Mysql? Could you explain this a little more :slight_smile:

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Check out this add on,your%20spreadsheet%20to%20pull%20data.


Hi, good day. and how many times a day do you refresh the data?

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Hello @Carlos_Venegas , in this case I do it with this tool.
For another client I have to migrate to google scripts.


Muito interessante vou me aprofundar mais sobre este tópico obrigado pela ideia!

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Once every hour because that’s good enough for our use case

Thanks for your answer.
In my case it also serves me periodically.
In the future I have a case where we will carry the stock in real time, it is impossible for me to update with each modification, since there will be about 2500/3000 per day.
So I’m thinking of making a virtual stock in the app.
since it is the only means of sale, it will be reflected as they sell.
As I use a specific user column and it does not write to me in the Google sheets I am trying to do it in the data with the new functions.
I’m trying to do it right now :hot_face: :hot_face:

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Yeah I did have this requirement and hence I maintained a separate stock in my Google Sheet with some adjustments but if you find a better way, I would love to know it.
Copying user specific columns to Google sheets is now possible using the new compound actions. You can use the user profile sheet and “set columns” action in any click through your app which automatically transfers all user specific columns in your Google Sheet.

That’s my line of work, Yesterday work for a while but it wasn’t enough. I have to go on later. Best regards.
I’ll keep you posted.

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