App Fee Process Ideas/Suggestions

Looking for different ideas and suggestions on how to set up the best process for users to gain access to my app once they pay. My app will be a one time fee. I am really stumped on the the best way to set this up…All ideas welcomed! Thanks!

I don’t know what type of payment gate can be used for this, but here’s the flow you can use:

  • Set up a Public with Email app.
  • Restrict all content visibility based a column, let’s say “Paid or not”
  • The only visible thing for non-paid users will be a link to the payment gate and information about your subscription fee.
  • After the user has paid, somehow sync the info of the user’s email back to your sheet which contains the “Paid or not” column, and automatically writes the “Paid” value. (An arrayformula which checks if the email column is empty or not, if not empty then “Paid”, else empty)
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Thank you! Is there a way to restrict the sharing of the app link once a paid user has access?

You can do it with visibility settings based on the “Paid” column.

I agree with @ThinhDinh: using the “Public with email” or “Email whitelist” setting, and then restricting access to your app (email whitelist) or to content (public with email) based on email addresses seems the way to go.

Orgs would be another way but it doesn’t apply if you want to scale the number of users.

From the Poolside is an example of how to set up a freemium subscription model.

The setup is one thing. Distribution and user acquisition is another.

You may want to contact @Stephanie_Bonnet for more information about From the Poolside.


Awesome! Thank you both for the info!

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How do you distribute the 25k rows and 10 gb data among all paying customers?

Wouldn’t that depend on the service or value that your app delivers?

Are you describing the case of an app where there would be a direct correlation between the amount of data needed for your app (memory, number of list items) and what you charge the users? Examples would be nice.