App doesn't update with my changes (even after hours)

I’ve set up my app this way:

But the app still displays my old setting, which used “number entry” instead of “choice.” Do I need to click “save and update” or something? My understanding is that the app and my changes are automatically saved, and that everything should be refreshed within a few minutes at most, but it’s been several hours.

Is this a pro app with auto publishing off?

If so, you need to publish the changes.

Thanks for the response! This is a free app (just trying it out for now).

Do you have any videos of what is going on?

Here’s a screenshot of what I see on my page:

Instead of seeing four CHOICE buttons, I see four number entries.

Submit a support ticket.

Make sure you submit a video showing how to navigate your app and the differences between the builder and the app.