"App can't connect to sheet" Message

My app was built by someone else and then transferred to my company account, it worked just fine for a few days and now suddenly I get a message that says “Oh sheet! Glide could not reload the sheet”. I tried to duplicate the app with a copy of the sheet and with the existing sheet and neither worked.

Are you able to open the spreadsheet behind the app in Google Sheets?

Can you try creating a new app from the same Google Sheet, just to re-establish the connection to Google?

Thanks for the quick response! I am able to open the spreadsheet yes. I just tried to make a new app from that Google sheet. It let me select the spreadsheet and then had three bars bouncing in the middle of the screen like it was thinking and then nothing else happened. There is no new app showing on the dashboard.

I would make sure your sheet doesn’t have a bunch of empty columns or rows between filled columns and rows. Basically clean up the sheet if you can.