Anyone has a workaround for displaying Time Durations on Charts?

I contacted Glide about this and they related that Glide does not support time durations on charts yet.

Instead of a time duration of 03:15:00 (hh:mm:ss) displaying on the chart, the chart displays the underlying number instead, like 12120, which my users will not understand.

Anyone has a workaround for this issue?

What formula do you use to generate the time value?

Hi Robert, thanks for the hit back.

I am not too sure how to answer that. I collect the duration time from a Google Form (users enter the length of time they practiced their dances for a Leaderboard) which gets collected on a Google Sheet.

Hope that helps…

In a new column type this formula:

{“Duration”;ARRAYFORMULA(IF(ISBLANK(A2:A),””,TEXT(A2:A,”hh:mm:ss”)))} where column A is your time column. Use this column for the chart to see if it makes a difference.

Ty Robert, I’m gonna try that out now and lyk.

Robert, I’m not a techie, but I tried the following:

  1. I copied the formula you provided, changed the A’s to F’s (the column with the duration on my sheet), inserted a new column to my sheet, and inserted the formula there.

Nothing happened.

  1. So, I tried removing the { } and the “Duration;”, and just put the arrayformula in the column

It returned with FORMULA PARSE ERROR.

  1. Finally, I tried just:


It returned with FORMULA PARSE ERROR.

Any ideas?

Did you copy/paste my solution? If so, perhaps retype it from scratch? My quotation marks weren’t playing nice on my phone.

When you post code here you can’t post it via normal typing within the body of the text. You need to surround it with 3 backticks ` Here it is the code, can you see the difference in the quotes.


Robert, retyping the formula worked. Tyvm.

  1. When I select that text version of the DURATION field for the LABEL for the Bar Chart, the data displays just fine as hh:mm:ss.

2.However, when I select that text version of the DURATION field for the QUANTITY for the Bar Chart, the data still displays as the underlying number (ex - 12120) and NOT hh:mm:ss.

  1. Also, the Y-Axis displays the underlying number, too.

ty yes i do see that the quotation marks are different!

Robert, I decided to convert the duration to numeric hours and now the chart reports the data accurately and in a way my users will understand.

I appreciate your help. Aloha…

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