Anyone been using Hyperformula for anything interesting?

I’ve used it for =ROMAN :laughing: and =LEFT = RIGHT so far.

Anything else that you guys are using that we can’t do in Glide yet?!

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There’s a whole site where you can find a ton of formulas HyperFormula guide | HyperFormula (v1.3.0)

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Yep, but what have you used it for that’s not possible in Glide and interesting?

The date functions seem to be the most useful but I’m not having much luck getting them to work, not sure why.

I am trying to use EDATE formula but did not work. Currently I am using it in Google sheet.

Maybe using IF AND OR so you can create more complex conditional logic without multiple if-then-else columns?


Yea, think we’re ironing out some issues with dates at the moment. Me too.


Thanks for confirming. Hopefully will be able to use it with desired results.

I plan to use it in my data collection app to allow users more freedom on how they want to report data (e.g. absolute or relative values), so that they do not need to do the calculations in an excel sheet (for the relative values) and then later don’t know where the data came from.

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