Any consequences when downgrading to a lower plan?

I use my app about 4 month of the year.
I want to use Maker when app is active but go to free when not active.

Will parts of the app be destroyed?

I would only be concerned if your file storage exceeds the plan limits.

Mainly because of this statement in the documentation:

Other than that, I believe data rows should be kept intact.

Unrelated, but I currently have a problem if I duplicate an app, it doubles my used storage, even though it’s the same tables referring to the same stores files. I reported it to Glide, but there hasn’t been a fix yet. This has been a problem for me because I can’t create a secondary app which uses the same tables and files, as it pushes me over my quota.

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I will be using a google sheet for my data. The free plan does not allow for google sheet. Can I reconnect my google sheet if I go from free to maker plan?

I did a test last week and transferred a google sheet based app into a new free team. It let me do it. The is an app that works fine within the previous limits of the old free plan. As expected, when I open the app, I get a usage warning, which I assume is because of the google sheet.

I would have to assume that Glide does not officially support a situationll like this, so I guess there is potential for something to break in the future, but for the time being I would think you would be fine and wouldn’t have to disconnect or reconnect anything. No guarantees though.