What happens to my 2 apps if I upgrade from Legacy Free to Maker?

So apparently a lot has changed since i started working with glideapp and took a year break from it.

i have a classic app, and see that’s no longer supported, so I have started testing building a new app, but i’m still using the classic app because it turns out a lot a features i use are missing in the new app. so i have 2 apps.

I was about to upgrade my new app to the maker plan because i’m interested in trying the integrations, but see the plans have also changed and the AUD$90/m ‘Maker’ plan only supports 1 app, vs 3 app in my classic free account.

What would happen if pay, will it delete one of my apps?

edit: also what happens when i stop paying to i go back to legacy free 3 apps?

I remember Glide never deleting any projects any reasons.
Maker plan support one published apps, so rest one must be unpublished but not deleted.
I don’t know exactly what’s will happens but exactly not deleting.
Also, you can buy additional published apps on Maker

I wouldn’t get rid of your legacy plan. Keep it and keep your classic app in it, especially if you are not paying anything for it anyway. Once you move away from a legacy plan, there is no going back to it under any circumstances.

Create a second team for your new app and upgrade the new team to Maker if you choose. The new Free and Maker plans allow for one published app, but as @slscustom.ru mentioned, you can still have several unpublished projects in the same team folder.

You can have multiple teams with different plans. Keep your legacy team so you don’t lose it. Create a new team for your new app.

No. There is no going back to legacy plans. If you upgrade to Maker and stop paying, you will be downgraded to the new Free plan.