Alternative to push notifications - Whatsapp api as plugin

Hello gliders

I found a very promising tool that I already use with appscript and it was really easy. In my opinion the solution to push notifications…

I think it’s great to be able to have it as a plugin but I don’t know how to do it. It would be the best if it would be added natively to Glide, of course with the specification that it is a third-party service and has its own cost (very low by the way).

“Disculpen el ingles (apoyado de google translate), si alguien me ayuda a corregir algo bienvenido…”

//Test Code
function whatprobe(){

var token = "api generated from waboxapp account ";

var phonesend = “whatsapp number of the sender”;

var phoneto = "whatsapp number of who receives ";

var text = "message you want to send ";

var idsmg = "an id to identify the message ";

var messages_url = “”+ token +“uid=”+ phonesend +“to=”+ phoneto +“custom_uid=”+ idsmg +“custom_uid=”+ text;



IM API - waboxapp