Alternative to highlighting the 'total' row of a data grid

Hi community,

As you can see in the picture, I am trying to display a data grid. The thing is that I need to put 4 more like the example, and when testing this with some users they couldn’t tell that the last row of the table is a subtotal.

Considering that I cannot bold or highlight the last row, any ideas on how can I display de last row to make it clear that they are subtotals?


@Darren_Murphy might have some better ideas for you regarding the use of a HTML table.

Yeah, I would use HTML tables for this. If you’re not on Business/Enterprise, then you have to do inline styling, but it’s possible.

Here’s an example:

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Beautiful. How did you fix the total to the last row? I created a second table for a total :man_facepalming:

I just use a separate class for the last (YTD) row…

table.redTable td.ytd {
  font-weight: bold;

and then in the HTML…

  <td class="ytd">YTD</td>
  <td class="ytd">83</td>
  <td class="ytd">81</td>
  <td class="ytd">164</td>
  <td class="ytd">146</td>
  <td class="ytd">242</td>
  <td class="ytd">388</td>

Thanks Darren. I am not currently on Business/Enterprise. But I thought inline styling is not possible with out that plan, what de you mean it’s possible?

You can insert html and any inline css styling on that html. What you can’t do is apply CSS to Glide components unless you have a business plan.


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