Allowing users to create private lists?

I have a list of real estate leads that I plan to make available to subscribers. What I’d like to do is allow each unique user to add any number of leads to a personal list that only they can see. Additionally I would like the original list to remain unchanged.

My first idea was, if the user selects a certain lead then I could somehow make them the row owner, but I’m having trouble even doing that. But then that lead would drop off the master list for the other users…

Is there an easy way to duplicate a row and then make the user performing the action, the row owner?

What about creating a different “leads” tab for every new user, with replicated content, and making it only usable for them?

In general if someone can point me to some resources on how to replicate and make data semi-private, that would be super helpful. Thank you!!!

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For that, visibility conditions will be your friend.

You need to enable row owners on the sheets editor whether if you’re using glide sheet or google sheets…

I’m not so sure about that, you may want to add a button with a specific action in which the row will be added again and therefore related to the row id… but don’t quote me on that.

Here are some useful ressources in which you’ll find some valuables answers to your questions :arrow_down:é

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This is super helpful! I’ll be sure to check out these resources!

Its always when you go to ask someone, that you finally figure it out… Just in case someone is interested in something similar.

So I have the list of leads, I added a button that adds a row with all the same data basically duplicating the row, and also adds the signed in users email to a field “added by”.

Now when they go to their person lead list, I’ve filters for them to only see leads with the signed in user matching the “added by” field.

I think its a messy a low tech way to do it, but its serving as a good enough favorites lists as far as I can tell.

Possibly a cleaner approach would be:

  • Firstly, ensure your Leads table has a Row ID column
  • Next, add a User Specific boolean column. Call it “My Leads” or similar.
  • When a user is viewing a lead, present a button labeled “Add to My Leads”
  • The action on that button would set that user specific column to true
  • Now, to filter by “My Leads” you use “My Leads is true”

You could also have a second button to remove a lead from My Leads, which would set the user specific column to false, and use a visibility condition (based on the state of the user specific column) to control which of the two buttons is shown.