Allowing Search .... then the CSS vanishes

Hi - I have an issue

  • I use CSS to hide the tab at the bottom and the menu / back button at the top for most of my app
  • I have an area where the user can search
  • before they search there is CSS to remove top and tab
  • but when they search (put anything into the search box), the CSS stops being displayed … and the user gets the tabs back again (which messes up my UX).

Any ideas on how to address?


This is the expected behaviour since in the search environment the only thing that is shown is the resulting inline list.

You would want to try a “custom search” approach with a text entry pointing to a USC column, then use a single value column to cast that to the inline list you’re using the search on. Use an ITE column to filter what should be visible.


It is a shame we do not have any ability to put things into ‘result’ screens in Glide - would be a nice addition (to remove a constraint that might not really be needed anyway)



usc text entry column
sv-picks up the usc-text entry
and inline list filter where mfr+product name (a column) includes sv value