Allow Text Wrapping - Table Collections

I know most features of the classic apps will be moved to apps soon. Pages is great, but there were are some components or features in classics apps that were very useful.

I would have thought that we could get the exact style of list, cards (the main classic apps component) as an option in pages to use with the other collections there are.

Another one is the text wrapping… which we cannot do on tables in glide apps (pages)

i’l mention a few quick ones that come to mind

  • tags on the cards
  • horizontal lists (you can scroll through)
  • floating buttons
  • image on the right lists

While I do agree with this, I feel that the Custom collection is quite a bit more versatile in allowing you to style a collection the way you want.

Horizontal lists and floating buttons are in the works.


Yes definitely the custom collection is great, way more versatile. I’d love to use them all the time. Only if we could also place them in a container themselves, so that we could place other components on the side of a screen etc.

But its not possible to style a collection or a custom collection similar to the classic app list. Without the use of CSS especially if you group items, with pagination things become quite different than the classic list.

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