Allow Buy Button to use PayPal

For example: Stripe is not supported in my country, and we can use PayPal!


A workaround could be having a link to your app that pulls up a paypal checkout page, a little inconvenient but it works! if you need data in the spreadsheet from that purchase you could use zapier or intergomat to automate those processes

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Same in my country. Stripe is not supported

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Excuse me, I’m new to this, could you explain this to me. I did not understand.

Talking about receiving, Stripe isn’t allowed in Brazil yet :slightly_frowning_face:

I use PayPal within my app as a donations portal so users can donate to our cause. I also have PayPal directly linked to my Shopify, which is much easier to use than Stripe in my opinion.

Papal & Stripe compared. PayPal is everywhere especially in Europe and Asia.


Nice. I thought the same but integrating with Zapier is a great idea

I was thinking about this. We can initiate zapier triggers from a button. This can be helpful to automate transactions via PayPal or notifications via WhatsApp, etc. However, there isn’t a way to prevent users from pushing this button multiple times, is there?

We almost need something similar to an onclick event. Onclick >> Change value in column x >> affects visibility.


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  1. Benefits paypal:
    built a couple of apps for yoga teachers to offer online classes during corona. they also wish for paypal. benefits for their users
  • seems more legit than a CC field within an app they don’t know yet and never downloaded (trust component)
  • not everyone knows their CC on top of their head and has their wallet handy. it’s an actual blocker to make a purchase vs just paying with paypal
    talking about users having the option to pay with PayPal, not about receiving
  1. @carrabre Would be very curious in sth like this. Have you built it and could share screenshots, a quick run through/explanation?

Would be much appreciated!

@melissa_powell do you still use this? If so, could you please help me out? I can’t seem to find how to get a link for the button, just html code.
Any help is appreciated.


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Can you please explain how did you do that? in glide app

Thank you

Hey @Gideon_Lahav_Busines,

You have to get the PayPalme link of the user and paste it in a template.

Something like this:$

Change USER for the user’s PayPal name and $ for the amount.

I hope this helps.

If you have more questions, do not hesitate to ask.

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I have created an internal API system that communicates with stripe, paypal and any other service to be able to make payments.
This way I can create secure payments without using
Read and write directly on my google sheet


Ciao Fabio, posso sapere come hai fatto ha trovare il collegamento ?

This is valuable. Can you link with Venmo? Can your API be purchased as a template?

Yes, my script can be integrated with any service.
Now I’m working on allowing to send Newsletters and SMS directly from Glide.
At the moment it is not open to everyone, but if there is a request I can create the subscription service (a few € per month)

Ho realizzato uno script ad hoc in php che legge e scrive su google Sheet.
Fa da tramite tra Glide e servizi esterni come Paypal (ora in sviluppo Amazon SES e Clicksend) in modo da avere le funzionalità che mi servono e bypassare Zapier.

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Hi Santiago_Perez1, It does not work for me, can I have more details on how to do it?

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Hola @Ifat,

It seems that PayPal changed the way they have their URL setup. You could use any of the other gateways that have been suggested to do so.

Or even use this app by @Fabio_Leanzi