All time the same thing

Hello ! I need help please TT
I created two lists. One for the main titles of the sessions and one for the content of each session. Using “relation” I linked the two lists. Now, for the content of the sessions, for example in Session 1, I have the content “content 1” and “content 2”. However, these contents are not the same, one has a text X and a photo X and the other has a text Y and a video Y.

Now, when I’m in “content 1” and I write the text X and the photo X. Then when I go to “content 2”, I can see the text X and the photo X that belong to “content 1”. And it is impossible to modify them, because it always replaces them… How to solve this problem?

Capture d'écran 2024-02-23 164411
Capture d'écran 2024-02-23 164424

Are you storing your text and images in the content table?


Yeah, sounds like it’s a wrong configuration. I would expect “Title” to be the parent table, and “Content” the child table. One title can have multiple pieces of content tied to it, and images/text should be in the “Content” table.


I’m guessing that @Lisa_M is directly hard coding the text and image on the screen instead of making it data driven from a column in the table. At least that’s my assumption since I don’t see an image column in either of the screenshots.

@Lisa_M it might be worth creating a new mobile app in your team folder using the default glide tables. The Category/Things example that it creates is pretty much exactly the same as what you are trying to do.


Hello, yes I try, but it doesn’t work, or I did it wrong…

News ! I managed to put an image for each content!, but I still can’t introduce the texts and videos so that they are different for each content… I finally created 3 tables: Sessions → Content Title → Content

I got it for text !!!
But video don’t work… we don’t have the possibility to put video on data table

We need something more descriptive than “it doesn’t work”. What’s not working? How are your screens configured? I see a column with a link to a video. Is it not working in a video component?

yes it’s not working for some type of video host but i try with youtube and it work ! Thanks for your help

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