All records in Glide Tables were gone

This morning I went into my app and didn’t see any records in any glide tables. All were empty and all tabs, obviously, did´nt work. I was terrified. I tried to find some answer about this on the Glide Community, but I couldn’t find anything similar. A few minutes later I logged back into my App and all the records were there. Well, either I’m suffering from alzheimer’s or there really was some kind of bug that didn’t allow me to view my records. Was there a server crash or something? In such cases, are there any tips on what to do? Take daily backups perhaps?

Thanks if anyone has any thoughts on this.

I have seen intermittent issues sometimes related to slow internet, etc. It’s not frequent, and does not always happen the same way. The scariest episode I had was logging in to find all my apps missing! Turns out I was logged into a different Google profile. I still don’t know how I was able to log into Glide using my other (business profile), but it does seem as though Glide recognized I was using a different profile, and didn’t show me any of the apps. I’ve since added my other Google profile to my team so I have not seen that again.


@David_Gabler thanks for sharing your experience.