Aligning Text

Sorry for my third post. Glide is by far the most easiest to use as I was able to pick it up in a day or two. However there are some minor things that I find difficulty which are oddly one of the least difficult on other nocode platforms. This issue is text alignment.

By text alignment I’m not talking about placing the text left, center or right. I mean lining up the text side by side. Here is an example:

Apples Fruit

But because there is no way to drag the text towards each other in Glide it comes like this:



How do I it to align with each other? I’m told that Pages is very limited. Is this why?

Have you tried a container with multiple container columns?

Can you do that? I tried couple days ago but the container didn’t hold. I’ll try again and see i the results are the same

Uhh. Sorry. I misread column as container. Let me see try.

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