Airtable Page Designer Report

Hi everyone, and thanks in advance for any suggestions you can offer. My table in Airtable has the page designer extension installed so that I can create custom reports. Is there any way to add a button to the record view of my Glide app to grab that record’s report so a user might save it to their phone/device? Right now, I’m using an email button to accomplish this, but the report from Airtable is a bit more polished. I’m digging around the Airtable forums too, and it seems like it may be a lost cause, but I thought I would ask and see what happens. Again, thanks for any insights you feel like sharing.

I’m not well-versed at all with Airtable, but does that extension provide you a way to write a link of the generated report to a column? I think if you can do that, then Glide can read the column value, perhaps.

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