Airtable & Excel Early Adopters Wanted

They are array columns, as @Jeff_Hager says, but I’m not sure I understand why, or why they have commas inside the array items - I would expect them to be split up. If it’s not sensitive data, could you send me an invite to your Airtable base?


Thank you Mark. I have added you to the Base.

I have one sync table from another base which has multiple values in it, hence it is showing comma. You can see the screenshot.

I hope this helps.

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I see. We’ll fix that. Thank you!


Love that Airtable MC column converts to array column in Glide:



@Mark Please see this thread.

While adding an action of showing Form Screen, I was not able to add any form field while testing with Airtable. It perfectly works on other modes. Looks like a bug or probably some restriction as of now ??


That’s odd - this should be working now. Could you share a support link, please?

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Thanks @Mark It is still not working, just tried. Here is support link.

@Mark Is editing and adding records already available in the integration with Airtable?

@Pratik_Shah Could you please try adding a new column to the Companies table in Airtable, wait about 5 minutes, and then check again in Glide if the table has become editable? I believe the “readonly” flag is stuck until the Airtable schema changes.

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Hi @Mark I added a column as well as a row in the Airtable. Glide Table did not update with any of the changes. Entire Glide table is uneditable. I am not able to add or edit anything in glide table.

Yes. For bases that are already connected to Glide you’ll have to change the table schemas in Airtable (add a dummy column for example) for them to become editable, and wait about 5 minutes for it to sync to Glide.

Thanks @Mark. I did change the schema and edition is working fine. Great! Any idea about when multiple attachments would be available? We use .pdf in our corporate Airtable bases and this is absolutely needed.

Do you mean editing attachments? That will take a while.

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Ok. I understand we have to wait for multi attachments Airtable columns edition but I can’t find the way to render a .pdf attachment neither. The attachments column does not appear in the dropdown menu to set the component value.

I see, yes, I agree that we should support setting “single attachment” columns (Airtable doesn’t have a notion of that - Glide is just guessing whether your column is a single or multi attachment column).

Yes, yes, yes! A thousand times, YES!
Been waiting for Excel integration.


@Mark would it work a collection Glide component to render the multi attachment Airtable columns and an option to upload more than one file with the Glide file picker to this kind of Airtable columns? Just wondering…

Hi, I am trying to work with the Excel (Onedrive), and I attached an Excel with fewer than 500 rows, but the “limit” is 10 per sheet rather than 500 total for a free app.

Since this is a Beta, and I’m trying to give feedback, that seems like an odd and arbitrary limitation. Can this be like Google and Glide restrictions (500 total rows) so that my relationships will work?

This is data that I had in Glide/Google combination from a pro app but currently has fewer than 500 rows. I thought it would be a perfect beta because it’s a working app, and I don’t want to go pro under beta.


I have updated my Airtable connected Pages app to Pro to be able to test the inherited relationships from the Airtable Scheme without the narrow limits of the free version.

I have to confess that I feel quite confused about how to proceed to edit (is it possible?) the inherited relationships of Airtable and how to add or eliminate those relations. I also Don’t understand how Glide will be able to handle many to many relations, which in Airtable do not require an intermediate table. Many doubts about how it will eventually be possible to reconcile two database systems with so different foundations.

I am sure that Glide team is working hard to complete this announced integration, but what we have so far in this beta, for now, is little more than presenting data, including Airtable inherited relations. For now only simple fields can be edited, nor the relation fields or multi attachments ones.

Creating Glide inner relations and let Airtable serve as just a simple tables container would not be a solution because Airtable relations would be lost.

Will AirTable users see fulfilled our expectations? Or will this be an integration with limitations?