AI JobMatch Insights: Optimize Your Job Hunt

I’d like to share my first app inspired by the great AI integrations in Glide.

AI JobMatch Insights is a web application designed to assist job candidates in thoroughly evaluating the alignment of their resumes with specific job descriptions. Upload your resume and the job description, then harness AI to compare keyword matches and gain insights into your strengths and areas of potential improvement. Additionally, step into a simulated interview environment to practice and enhance your responses.

Live version


The app uses both OpenAI and Google Vision APIs. You’ll need to get your own API keys to unlock the AI features.


Don’t to share much, but curious regarding the matching logic?

The matching between resume and job description happens through simple prompting executed via the Glide OpenAI integration called ‘Complete Prompt’. AI takes care of figuring out the matching areas and output a summary. Here is the prompt with the variables to be replaced with user’s input:

Imagine you are assessing a candidate’s suitability for an open position. With access to both their resume and the provided job description, generate a succinct summary that objectively outlines the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses with regard to the role’s requirements. While constructing the summary in the second person (you), prioritize a balanced evaluation. At the conclusion, provide a matching score as ‘Match index: ,’ ranging from 0 to 100. Assign a score only if there is substantial alignment. A score of 0 indicates a poor fit, while 100 denotes a perfect fit. Your aim is to accurately assess the compatibility between the candidate’s profile and the job’s demands, based on the analysis of their resume and the job description.