After being published

I was little bit confused because before being published, it seems to work out well but after being published, it doesn’t work out well. Before publishing ,even checking by ‘preview as’, works okay.
I don’t figure it out so please tell me the reason.
And im not sure why email in database is this strange address.

You need to upgrade to pro to collect real email addresses. Also, when you say that ‘it isn’t working’, what do you mean isn’t working?

I set up my profile and then checked my database. The information is restored in different row.
So it does’t work well

Could you help me find out why another row is automatically generated?
sorry for my rough English.

Are you using a form to update your profile?

You need to add an edit screen. The ‘add’ feature or ‘show form’ functionality will always create a new row, not update an existing one.

So, can’t i use a form button to set up profile, can I? Or is there other ways to to do that?

You can use the

  • Edit feature
  • Row owners, then entry components

I recommend Row Owners if your users do not interact with other users.

Thank you so much! I will use row owners!!
One more question. What column should I change to row owner?

I added to Email column but it doesn’t change…

I made them to row owner and it did work out well. But why do I need to change both of them??

Adding row owners to your email column shouls change it so that the only column you can access is the column with the logged in user

Please remove row owner from Username.

Thank you
I have another question regarding this.
I added row owner and then it cannot be seen the components except for signed in information.
I want to see all of the information

Like this!

The point of row owners is so that you can only view the logged-in-user’s information. This is why I don’t recommend it when users want to interact with other users.

So the only way I can do now is to use edit form instead of form button?

Or, you can nag the user to go to their profile screen on the side menu and then add entry components there.

Thank you so much!

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