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Hey Everyone,

I’m looking for some advice. We are creating a recruitment app where futur employees will be to apply. Because we are based in europe we prefer that our users don’t upload their documents on Glide servers or Google Sheets.

Does any of you have an idea on how to do so ? Let’s say that the user is asked to upload his/her CV instead of using the file picker we can add a button where a webview is opened on company website where users upload it’s documents. But the thing is, how to get back the link of that document (on our server) on the Glide Table line.

Or any other advice on how to proceed ?
Many thanks !!

Hola @AymenM

This is my idea.

You could create a custom form and have the file picker in a USC, then send that info to your server using either Zapier or Integromat.

Since you’d be using a USC the CV would be stored on the device. However you could delete it after sending it to your sever.

I am sure that some other people have better ideas.

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The problem with that is that the file will be uploaded to glide servers regardless if you use a USC or not. The USC only holds the url once the file is uploaded, not the actual file, so if this is a GDPR issue, then I don’t think that would work, since it would still be stored on glide servers.

Also if a user is signed in, then USC column values are still stored on the server. It’s only when a user is not signed in that a USC value is only stored locally.

I think a webview to a third party service would be the better option with maybe a Zapier or Integromat integration that will update the sheet with a url once the file is uploaded.


Thanks for clarifying that @Jeff_Hager


@AymenM Potentially you can control the file name of the document when the user uploads the document. If that is the case then you could input the file name (like RowID) as a parameter when opening the webview.

I did this when uploading to cloudinary as seen in below post:
The link was something like: https://website/htmlpage?imageid=Image-mhEQ5+g8QXG3Yhk09Zv9aA-4

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Thanks guys! I think what you have all proposed is going pretty much on my initial thoughts. That’ll require a huge amount of work tho.

Thanks !!

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@AymenM there is a difference :slight_smile: Let the user/website decide the file name - or let Glide/app decide the filename

Yes you’re right. The best option will be that I decide which name the document should take.