Admin tools with webinteface

Is it possible that when creating an app where users submit a request for something, and there is a status indicating where in the process it is, or whether it is set to be active or marked as deleted, etc., to create a web interface so that one can sit in front of a computer and manage all the administrative tasks related to individual user posts, submissions, etc.? Or does it have to be done through the app? Because I find it more convenient to be able to see it on a large screen and view everything at once, as opposed to scrolling on a phone.

Glide works equally well on mobile or desktop.

If you want an Admin web interface to perform the tasks you describe, there is no reason not to use Glide for that. In fact, it would be silly not to. You could either build it as a separate App that shares the same database, or build the functionality into your existing App and optimise the layout for desktop.


ok, that was my thought too. to make a web interface from which I could control it. I just wanted to know if it would be possible to do it via the web.
Thanks again for your quick reply and I got my question answered :smiley:

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