Admin app + editing rights

I am trying to make app that finds musical shows near you, and allows verified artists (I verify them) to add new show and edit only their own show .

I watched the tutorial and still need help! How do I do it?

Thank you so much !! :heart::slight_smile::v:t3:

If you have a “Shows” sheet, there should be a column that contains the email address of the user that should be able to edit the specific show row.

When you go into the Edit section, add a condition where editing is allowed if the value of that email column is the signed-in user.

Note: your app needs to be set to Public with Email or Email Whitelist for this to work as described above. If you have a Public app, this doesn’t work without some workarounds.


To control who can add a show, you’ll need to use a form button. First you’ll need a sheet that contains verified users, or use your existing users sheet with a column to mark the user as verified (we’ll assume you’ll mark the verified column as ‘true’). In the sheet for the page that has your form button, create a template column and fill it with a value of ‘true’. Create a relation column that links the template column to the verified column in your users sheet. Next, create a lookup column to bring back an array list of verified user emails from the relation. Set visibility on the form button to only show when the lookup column is signed in user.

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