Admin access template store

If we add an app as a template in the store. What happens when a user previews as an admin and deletes rows or updates images? are the changes saved?

When you submit one of your apps to Glide’s template store, other Glide users may create an app based on that template. If they make changes to their app, their changes will only be reflected in their own app, and their changes will be visible neither in the template in the template store nor in your original app.

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im fully aware of that. my concern is not after they purchase it. What happens if they are previewing the app in the template store & they preview as an admin role and they decide to delete rows or images.

because if you preview apps in the template store you can see rows of data added by other users previewing that app

Changes performed when previewing in the template store are not saved. Are you sure you are not seeing data that is part of the template to begin with? Do you have an example of a template that accepted and permanently saved changes made during preview?


Great to know, Thank you. I’l try to search for an example where templates had data saved. I’ve come across one or two but as you said it could be part of the template and the template creator could have shared his template on the forum for people to try out before putting it to the store.

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