Adding row cells to google sheets

Hi guys, I’m using make/integromat to add data to a specific cell in a google sheet. What I’m hoping to achieve is to pass a data set that populates 1 cell per row (B2, B3, B4, B5, B6 etc). I’m passing a list of values delimited by a carriage return but its populating the full list in a single cell. I’m sure theres a really simple solution to this that I’m overlooking but I cant seem to get it.

** I can create a CSV no issue and the carriage return will separate out the values into the cell below but it doesnt work the same way when I use the “update cell” function in make

Are those rows that are consecutive? If you plan to add it to row 2, row 3, row 4, row 5, row 6 etc I think you can work with something like this:

  • Set variable: Set a “counter” variable to 2.

Then it starts the iteration from here.

  • Iterator: Iterate through a split of your “list of values” (so that it will be an array).

  • Get variable: Get the value of the “counter” variable.

  • Update row: Update the corresponding row using the “counter” variable you just get.

  • Set variable: Set the value of the “counter” variable to the sum of the value you get 2 steps back and 1 (so it starts the next iteration accordingly).

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Thank you. Appreciate you taking the time to explain.

I had hoped there was an easier solution that I was overlooking. Thank you!

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