Adding more items to a grid view / card view

Hello, I though I had seen that in one of the intros video, but I cannot remember how to do it.
I have a card/grid view showing User name (e.g. User1) and case ID (123). Can I add more items/fields to this view? How?
Thank you

What you see is what you get with the Grid style view. Iare you confusing it with a Data Grid component? Otherwise, your other option is a Custom Collection which allows you to add as many values as you want as components inside a Custom Collection container.

Thank you. I found the video in the end (Part 4 - The Layout Editor - where he adds a ‘restock alert’)) and indeed he is only playing with those 4 entries.
I was having a look at the data grid as well thanks. It might be helpful. And I tried the customer collection container which should also do the trick for those type of requestes.
Thanks again.

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