Adding items in another table when row in source table exisits

Hi there,

I am building LMS system and want to make some prefillment. For instance,
once I create a row in the Lesson table, I want to create rows in the Visits table that will include the following:

  • Lesson
  • Student
  • Rank
  • Comment
    Such a row should be created for each entity in the Student table where

So each Student should have a row tied to them in the Visits table, for each Lesson record? May we know what’s your use case here? Do you need to see how Students interact with the Visits record later on?

I need to see the record for each student in the Visit table. This record should appear once the lesson is created. Otherwise, the application user should manually add all students (approx. 20-25) to each lesson which is overwhelming.

I think you can build on this flow, either with Call API (Business/Enterprise) or Every time a lesson row is created, you use an action to pass all relevant students’ rowIDs and have an API batch call to add rows to the Visits table.

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Could you share any videos of how you build this functionality in Make?

Sorry I don’t have one to share. Can you talk us through your data structure and what you have so far in terms of this flow?