Adding Categories (relations)

Hello, curious what y’all think would be the best way to do this.

I want to create a dropdown where users can select and assign categories to certain rows, and in so doing add that row to the existing relation for that category.

What makes it challenging (or what is currently blowing my mind) is that I’d like to be able to assign the same row multiple categories.

Thanks for the assist!

Lots of ways to do that. Overall, the easiest would be to create an array column to store multiple categories. You could have a text box with comma delimited categories that you the use a Split Text column to split it into an array that you use for relations. You could create several columns to store a category in each column, use a template to join them together with a comma in between each one, then split into an array. If you have a google sheet, then you can sequentially number the columns to automatically have them joined into an array.

Overall, you need an array. How you want to get that array is up to you.