Adding additional columns when adding from collection

Hi folks. Might be missing an obvious one here, but - is it possible to add ‘Additional Columns’ when adding a new item from a Collection?

At the moment, if you add a ‘Form Container’ it gives you the option to add additional columns - such as a relational table row ID. But if you add a Collection to a screen and include the option to enable users to add new items, the ‘Additional Columns’ option doesn’t appear.

I can’t find a workaround with button to add a New Screen either. The only way I can think of working round it is to add a custom action but feels like this is a long way for a shortcut. Am I missing something?

Any help much appreciated!

I think what you are looking for is to add additional Value, Special Value, or User Profile components components to the screen. You will find those in the component section on the left instead of the right.


Here they are.


Thanks, folks. That’s absolutely perfect. :star_struck: