Adding a copy feature for "if/then" columns

This is super small, but it would be cool if there was a way to duplicate specific cases within an “if/then” column.

“If A then B” Or you can make it so the “A” variable of the previous case is duplicated automatically when a new If statement is created.

Again, it’s super small & little, but would be nice to have

Maybe that would be nice! Something like after creating the cases and click a save button and in a new if/then else column we can search for the created ones and add it and it adds as a case.

But you can duplicate the if/then else column that you needed case is located. Then if there’s any more cases which you don’t want you can remove them and if you need to add new ones you can add new ones too!

I’d like a duplicate feature for ALL components/columns where you can add multiple conditions/items:

  • basic table (apps)
  • if then else
  • big data (pages)
  • button bar (pages)
  • Data Grid (Pages)
  • Actions