Ability to Copy/Duplicate Action steps

It would truly make a significant difference and optimize productivity ten folds if next to the delete icon in a step is a duplicate button.
It’s one thing to be unable to do multilevel Conditions (ie. if statements) in the Actions workflow but can we at least be able to duplicate the steps? I’m already creating a bunch of conditions across my computer screen to create an easy user experience on the form. #regulars #feature-requests

I would agree that duplicating steps in the action editor would be useful.

FYI you can create multilevel conditions in the action editor by simply adding more conditions. What you can’t do is intermix and/ or statements.

Another approach to multilevel conditions is to create the logic in the data editor and then use that column from the data editor as the source of your condition in an action. I tend to always take this approach. It’s much cleaner when you create your logic in the data editor and additionally the data editor opens up the possibility for nested if statements… that is using one ITE column inside of another