Add Rows in Sales Data Sheet coming from other sales channel

I have a sales app where users can buy 2 types of products:

  1. One time payment (via Glide)
  2. Subscribe (I created a link to subscribe via )

I need to combine these two sources of customers into one sheet (or can I separate these in 2 sheets?).
I was planning on adding via Zapier the ones coming from Tilly into my App: sales tab. If I do this, will everything continue to work? (when I added a column to the Sales data sheet created by Glide it stopped updating)

You can let the ‘App: Sales’ sheet and the sheet where you get the other channel’s info be updated separately into your Spreadsheet, then add a sheet with all unique columns from those 2 and use the right formulas to bring them together, stack them on each other.

But what are the rich formulas for such a case?
Right now if I leave the ‘App: Sales’ as it is, then combine the sales data coming from Glide in ‘DYNAMIC Sales’ and ‘Subscribers’ using ={‘DYNAMIC Sales’!B2:B} which comes from ={‘App: Sales Sales’!B2:B}
If I add data coming from another source, the ={‘App: Sales Sales’!B2:B} is not the right formula to do this

Use something like

={‘App: Sales’!B2:B;’Subscribers’!B2:B}