Add row API - Changes rows order

Hi Experts,
I use GS as a main data source in this app and Glide API to copy workout templates .
A template consists of multiple rows that have the same TemplateID and some more data for each workout day and exercises.
I use a Webhook with the templateID to search all the rows from GS, then format them because of special characters and then make an HTTP request to add multiple rows to the same table.

when looking at the order of the rows in the output bundle within make it is correct and everything works fine except that the order of the new rows in Glide table and the GS is random.
The red marks are the original rows I searched in order to duplicate and the yellow marks are the new added copied rows.
You can see the order is mixed up

Is there anything I can do so the rows order is kept while add using Glide API?
@Robert_Petitto @david

Good question. Iā€™m not sure. One thought is to also include a sort number as part of the webhook and then in the app you can always just sort by the sort number.

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